Marriage Today's marriage seminar at Johnson University

The world has a different definition of success than God does. The world says success comes from financial prosperity, popularity, power and influence, relational happiness, intellect and education, giftedness, and strength and security.

We all want all of those things. Universally, we all strive for those things to some degree. There’s nothing wrong with them.

Any given one of those standards can be used righteously. They’re good things, in and of themselves.

But here’s the problem: You can be a total failure in life and still have all of these things. You can have them all and be a failure in God’s eyes. Look at that list above. What do those standards have to do with your spiritual life? Nothing.

Now, consider Jesus. He didn’t measure up to those standards of success. He wasn’t wealthy. He wasn’t popular or influential (at least within his own time and culture). His ministry ended in crucifixion. In the world’s eyes, He was a failure.

And yet our Savior was the most successful person who ever drew a breath on this earth. Which means we need to question how we view success and failure.

Do not miss Marriage Today's marriage seminar being simulcast at Johnson University on the second weekend in August. This seminar is sponsored by the WRJZ Joy 620.

The cost is $15 per person or $25 per couple which includes the seminar Friday evening and Saturday morning and follow up materials.

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