Are we Having Fun Yet?

Well it is the halftime of the old game we know as 2020.  Lives have changed, sadly friends have left, new skills have been discovered, teacher have suddenly become more appreciated and we have heard a plethora of new phrases that have already gone old. 

Example 1: “In these unprecedented times”

Example 2: “With all that is going on…”

Example 3: “social distancing”

Example 4: “new normal”

(I could go on, but I am beginning to get an upset stomach.)

Now if that wasn’t enough, we’ve had protests in the streets, plus antagonist who don’t even represent the protesters attempting to erase our nation’s history.  No wonder the murder hornets never showed up.  Would you want to jump into this pile?

None of us have a magic cure for the “thing” we call 2020.  All I can say, like a kidney stone, this too shall pass.  God has not suddenly given up his sovereignty.  He is still good, right, and all powerful.  As I spoke to some of my pastor friends recently, many of them are asking a good question.  The question is not why but what?  Today I would like to challenge each of ourselves what God is teaching us. But here is one thing I know.  If I know the “Who” I can put up with about any “what”?

Too often, those of us as Christ followers fall into the trap of sounding like we don’t know who the real victory belongs too.  Take 10 seconds… breath… and realize we really do know.  Preach the gospel, live the gospel, love the gospel.  The good news of Christ’s sacrificial death for you, will never expire.  It’s good in 2020, it was good in 1920, it will be good in 3020.  So, we will wrap it up this way, with all that is going on in these unprecedented times, let God set your new normal.  Sorry I just had to say it!

Your friend,

Bob Bell 

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