Christian News Headlines

'I Feel Like I Just Met Jesus Again': Todd White Makes Surprising Shift Away From Past Preaching
Sunday August 2nd, 2020 07:03:33 PM by Andrea.Morris

Disturbing Uptick in Violence Against Christians in India, 5 More Believers Killed for Their Faith
Thursday July 30th, 2020 04:35:04 PM by Ben.Gill

'I'm Taking You On a New Adventure': Why a Pastor Left a Thriving Church to Dig Wells in Africa
Thursday July 30th, 2020 04:20:41 PM by Andrea.Garrett

Bank Bans UK Christian Ministry Accounts After 'Mob Rule' Campaign: 'It Will Be Churches Next'
Monday July 27th, 2020 12:13:12 PM by Ben.Gill

Former Concentration Camp Guard Convicted in Germany
Friday July 24th, 2020 08:31:25 AM by Emily.Jones

Report: Kidnapped Pakistani Christian Teen Forced to Convert to Islam Is Pregnant, Confined to Room
Wednesday July 22nd, 2020 08:30:07 PM by Steven.Warren

'Dawn of a New Day' for Freedom as Sudan Scraps Controversial Islamic Apostasy Law
Wednesday July 22nd, 2020 03:49:33 PM by George.Thomas

Spiritual 'Pandemic of Hope' Grips Iran as Thousands Accept Jesus Christ Amidst COVID-19
Tuesday July 21st, 2020 12:08:58 PM by George.Thomas

'Constantly Persecuted' for His Faith: Pastor in India Murdered by Maoists
Tuesday July 14th, 2020 07:14:28 PM by Steven.Warren

Islamic Conquest: Turkey's President Turns Iconic Christian Hagia Sophia Site Into a Mosque
Friday July 10th, 2020 01:06:54 PM by Ben.Gill

New Law Targets Churches in Montenegro, Christian Leaders Detained
Friday July 10th, 2020 12:25:04 PM by George.Thomas

Erdogan Fans the Flames of Religious Intolerance: Christians Blamed for Bringing COVID-19 to Turkey
Wednesday July 8th, 2020 07:56:14 PM by Steven.Warren

Promise Keepers' 2020 Blockbuster Worldwide Event Brings Hundreds of Simulcast Sites Together For Praise, Worship
Wednesday July 8th, 2020 07:37:00 PM by Andrea.Morris

Is Wifely Submission a Trap for Women? Not if Their Husbands Use Authority Like Jesus: A Servant Leader
Monday July 6th, 2020 03:46:52 PM by Steven.Warren

Cuba Releases Homeschooling Pastor from Prison, Journalist Still Jailed for Reporting on Religious Freedom
Thursday July 2nd, 2020 06:55:58 PM by Steven.Warren

How to Make Sure You Don't Hinder the Coming Global Revival: 'Every Believer Is Called to Shine'
Wednesday July 1st, 2020 09:43:20 PM by Paul.Strand

'Never Give Up Your Faith in Jesus', Indian Christian Man Tells Wife Before Hindu Mob Murders Him
Monday June 22nd, 2020 06:14:40 PM by Steven.Warren

‘Social Justice Is Not the Same as Biblical Justice’: Professor Issues Warning to Christians
Monday June 22nd, 2020 01:18:35 PM by Steven.Warren

Regent University School of Divinity Introduces Four New Graduate Degree Programs
Sunday June 21st, 2020 04:32:18 PM by Andrea.Morris

North Destroys Inter-Korean Liaison Office as Tensions Rise
Tuesday June 16th, 2020 08:14:56 AM by Emily.Jones

China's Communists Remove Hundreds of Crosses from Churches in Crackdown Campaign
Wednesday June 10th, 2020 08:02:12 PM by Steven.Warren

Christians in India Refused Burial for Family Members
Tuesday June 9th, 2020 08:07:16 PM by Steven.Warren

Report: Boxer Manny Pacquiao May Run for President of the Philippines in 2022
Monday June 8th, 2020 05:34:54 PM by Steven.Warren

Christianity Rapidly Growing in Oppressive Iran
Saturday June 6th, 2020 05:45:56 PM by Talia.Wise

36 Reported Dead as Islamic Militants Continue Attacks on Christian Villages in Mali and Nigeria
Friday June 5th, 2020 05:57:59 PM by Steven.Warren

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