Our Only Agenda

Hi, I’m Bob Bell and I must confess that God does need me.  Now before you get all bent out of shape, I ask you to keep reading.  God does not need me.  Now let me explain what I mean by that.  Yes, God loves us.  He loves us even more deeply than we can even understand. But sometimes we tend to confuse that love with our futile thinking.  Our futile thinking sometimes leads us to believe that God needs us. 

News flash, God was getting along well before any of us came along.  The good news about all this is that God wants us to participate with Him in His redemptive work.  Now when I say, US, I mean those of us that follow Christ and are called according to His purposes.  For a lot of people today, that fact that God does not need us, seems mean and dismissive.  The truth is the fact that God does not need us should be great news.  It means that He has chosen to use us, warts, and all.

Just think about it friends and neighbors, we are blessed to participate with God in Kingdom Business. So, the next time you are having a tough self esteem moment, remember God has chosen to use you in His plan. 

Thanks for sticking with it!


Your friend,

Bob Bell

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